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Quality Policy
Om Navjeevan Hospital is well known ISO 9001 Certified Hospital. We follow the International Standards for Quality.
Certificate Certificate
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Medical Departments
Supportive Unit
Medical Services
Medicine Department
Paediatric Department
Skin & VD
ENT Department
Infertility Department
Dental Department
  • Prosthodontic Treatment
  • Restorative Treatment
  • Endodontics/Root canal treatment
  • Preiodontal Treatment
  • Oral Surgery
  • Oral Medicine
  • Pedodontics
  • Orthodontics
Surgery Services
General Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
Gynecology & Obstetrics
Plastic Surgery
Pediatric Surgery
Endoscopic Surgery
Anorectal Surgery
Maxillo-Facila Surgery
Urology (Kidney)

Radiology Department
Facilities of all type of X-ray & Radiological procedures. Digital & Portable X-ray facility available
Sonography :
Latest Siemen’s Acuson X-300 machine. Sonography of full abdomen, pelvis, urinary tract, obstetric & gynaec, thyroid, scrotum etc

2D Ecolocardiography & Colour Doppler studies
2D echo done by expert cardiac super consultants. Doppler studies includes- Peripheral vascular Doppler, Renal artery, Venous Doppler, Carotid & vertebral Doppler, Scrotal Doppler.

Pathology Services

Managed by well qualified full time pathologist and technicians. Fully computerized Biochemistry, Hematology Auto analyzer Cell counter.

Haematology    Biochemistry
CBC (HB, TC, RBC, PCV, PLT.,)   Lipid  Profile
Haemoglobin    Bilirubin . SGOT / SGPT, Serum Proteins
WBC / TC & DC   Alk. Phosphatase / Acid Phosphatase
Platelet Count   Uric Acid, Calcium , Phosphorus, Electrolytes
ESR, Blood Indices   CPK, CPK MB, LDH
Ps Study    Blood Urea, BUN, Creatinine
BT / CT/ PT   Blood Sugar F / PP
Absoute Eosinophil Count   Ammonia , Amylase, Lipase
Blood Group & Rh Factor    Clinical Pathology 
Microbiology    Urine Sugar & Ketone Bodies
Routine & Microscopic
(Urine, Pus, Body Fluids, Stool, Sputum etc.)
  Urine / Stool Routine 
Culture & Sensitivity 
(Urine, Pus, Body Fluids, Stool, Sputum etc.)
  Urine BS & BP
Blood Culture    Bence Jones Protenis (BJP)
Sputum for A.F.B   Body Fluid Routine & Bio - Chemistry
( Pleural, Ascitic, Synovial, CSF)
Serology     Histopathaology & Cytology
HIV I & II, Western Blot   Small Biopsy / Large Biospy
HBsAg    Large Biospy (Multiple Section)
HCV   Pap Smear
VDRL   FNAC with Procedure
Widal    Fluid for Malignant Cells
RA Titre / ASO Titre   Buccal Smeaer - Bar Bodies
CRP   Infertility
Montoux Test   Semen Analysis
    Semen Culture